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      The end of what was once your dream doesn't have to mean the end of civility, or even caring.  You may still have common goals for the lives you'd like to have; for the families and friends you have shared; for the children you may be parenting.


A Peaceful Divorce (C) ...






      The ending of a marriage is a challenging time.   

Emotions can run from anger and frustration to remorse, confusion, sorrow,

bewilderment; and sometimes, though mystifying, hopefulness arises again.  

After all, you were very much in love at one time.  There was caring.  

You were creating your future together.  


     While in some of these moments it can be difficult to even recall, that desire to create a future together might still find its way to the surface.  It can bring about a sense of hopefulness, that it can still be reached, even though you have both come to realize it can no longer be done through your marriage.  You may be realizing that you can do that through the way you choose to handle your divorce.  You can create futures that are constructive, rather than destructive; your lives moving forward, supportive, although separate.






Have you found yourselves going through this?...
     ...while your family is going        through this?...

     You can create a future together for your children that will provide them with the love of two attentive parents; with the security of knowing that neither parent is gone; both are still in their lives, compassionately, harmoniously, even joyously, for them.   

A Peaceful Divorce (c)
                         ...can be yours.....

     If you choose to, you can find a way.  You can still create a future together - it will be the one you will have as you move forward through your divorce; and it can be the ones you will have as you move forward in your individual lives.  

      You can have harmony, collaboration, respectfulness,         consideration, supportiveness, peace...






      If you choose to,

              you can have 

                    A Peaceful Divorce (c).  







       We're here to help you.