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Continuing Mediator Education  (CME)


 Upcoming Program & Dates

  Live Continuing Mediator Education Program

  for Certified Mediators: 

 "Refresh & Renew"

 ~  November 22, 2019 (Friday)  ~ 

(final CME training for 2019)

Come for a great day of dynamic and interactive training,

Refreshing and Renewing 

your Mediator Knowledge and Skills! 

Beginning at 8:45 a.m. and concluding at 4:30 p.m., our day together will cover:

     Ethics updates, exercise and discussions (4 CME hours);

     Diversity / Bias / Cultural Awareness activity (1 CME hour);

     Interpersonal Violence presentation  (2  CME hours);

and 1 CME hour applicable to General Mediation Education.


CLE is also expected to be available for this training.


~ Lunch is provided and included in the cost of this engaging program! ~


This training is conveniently and centrally located in 

Tampa, Florida with complementary parking! 

(Further details will be provided in your registration confirmation.)


Register for this upcoming training to Refresh & Renew and Receive 8 hours of interactive CME,

fully satisfying your requirement for attendance at live presentations!

Friday, November 22, 2019

To view information about some of our Faculty / Presenters, 




  Register  for "Refresh & Renew!"  by clicking here.




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Future "Refresh & Renew" CME Live Programs:


2020 Dates to Be Announced

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In order to maintain credentials, Florida Certified Mediators are required to continue to advance their mediation education  and to report to the Florida Dispute Resolution Center every two years that they are doing so.   


The two-year requirements are as follows:

     Sixteen (16) hours of Continuing Mediator Education (CME) to include...

          4 hours of mediator Ethics,

          2 hours of Interpersonal Violence education  -  for Certified Circuit Civil Mediators and Certified County Mediators,


          4 hours of Interpersonal Violence education - for Certified Family and Certified Dependency Mediators,

          1 hour of Diversity / Bias / Cultural Awareness,

          9 hours of general mediation education or skill-building, or additional time in the specified areas above.

At least half of the sixteen hours required must be completed by attendance at a live seminar or by attendance at an audio-video playback of a lecture with a group where the group discusses the materials presented. 

CME Requirements are part of the Florida Supreme Court's Administrative Order Governing Mediator Certification (AOSC11-1).  For further information, please visit the Dispute Resolution pages at