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Considerations for,  and Benefits of .....   A Peaceful Divorce(c)


Have you and your spouse been talking about a divorce?



With so much  -- and so many -- at stake,

there are many important considerations to your divorce.



Here are some reasons you might consider contacting us to assist you if you are thinking about creating A Peaceful Divorce(c)...



If you have children, it is critically important to be ever mindful of how your communication before, during, and after the divorce affects them. They are extremely sensitive to your emotions as well as your words and body language.  


Additionally, there are many matters to be considered concerning the children: For example, how you will each share time, holidays, financial support, medical and educational support and other responsibilities for each of them.   The decisions about these factors and how you make them will have an enormous affect on all of you now, and in the future.



Often, when a couple finds that their

marriage is ending, communication

becomes increasingly difficult.  When it

does occur, the emotions behind the

messages often make those communications

harsh, uncomfortable, or even very hurtful.


If the parties divorce through the use of attorneys and the court

system, it is very likely that their communication will become even more broken.  It may become bitter and almost nonexistent as the attorneys require that all communications be provided through them.  Unfortunately, this can lead to even further misunderstanding, animosity and frustration.

Through A Peaceful Divorce(c), you will have the benefit of a professional Mediator who will sit with you and help you sort it all out, creating a bridge across any broken communication that has occurred between the two of you.  We will walk you through the matters that need to be worked out, and listen to the concerns you each have as well as the goals you hope to accomplish for yourselves and your family.  



In order to legally complete your divorce, the court will require that you submit a mutually agreed upon marital settlement agreement. This is where a mediator such as those in A Peaceful Divorce, will be of great benefit to you, helping you to sort out which types of assets and liabilities. if any, you have acquired during the marriage, and how you may best share or divide them between yourselves.



In a typical litigated divorce, attorneys will require from each of you a retainer fee in an amount of approximately $1,000 to $5,000.  Thereafter, the hourly fee which each attorney will charge to represent each of you will be approximately $200 to $350 per hour or more, depending upon geographic locations and the complexities of your case.  It is not unusual for legal fees in a divorce trial to cost at least $1,500 to $5,000 per person, or a total of $3,000 to $10,000 per case.    

Often, it is more.



In a litigated divorce, the amount of time involved in the filing of the divorce action to the Final Judgment is usually 6 to 18 months or more.  This is due to the time it takes to go through the processes of case management, discovery, motion hearings, and the many, many court documents (or "pleadings") that must be filed.  This will likely require considerable time from work and family and events for meetings and phone calls with your attorneys, trial preparation, actual trial, and at some point during the litigation process, the court will order that both of you attempt to resolve any matters possible through the mediation process.




Another "cost" to a long, expensive, embattled divorce proceeding is the cost to physical and emotional health, including some of your major life activities such as sleep, eating habits, worry and stress.  The tolls these costs can take on your body and its health are  frequently overlooked until the effects become measurable.



Another often overlooked consideration is the effect -- or cost -- your divorce has on others; not only the children, but other family, neighbors, friends, particularly those who are closest, such as Grandparents.  The more successfully, privately and peacefully the two of you are able to manage your divorce, the more the other important relationships in your -- and your childrens' -- lives will remain strong and enduring.

Life is short;  Your Lives are Important

If you and your spouse have come to the decision that it is time for your lives to move forward, though no longer married to each other, and you each prefer to avoid a lengthy, expensive, dramatic divorce, contact us about A Peaceful Divorce(c).  


Through A Peaceful Divorce, you will each save considerable sums of money, time and stress.  You will be able to create "win-win" futures for yourselves and your families that are compatible with your goals, with greater harmony with each other and in your important relationships.  





We will meet with you, provide you with an overview of the process, and discuss the preparation of the typical forms that the court will require in order to grant your divorce.


If you decide that A Peaceful Divorce(c) is what you desire, our next step will be to set up your Mediation to create your Marital Settlement Agreement.  We will then plan to meet with you again to further help you prepare additional documents and guide you the rest of the way through your peaceful divorce process.