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Who Benefits from Mediation Training?


Recognizing that mediation can be used by just about anyone who is involved

in a dispute (see examples provided below); it can also be recognized that the population at large in a variety of settings can benefit by having access to mediation and to properly trained, certified mediators.






    You Can Benefit from this Training if You ...

             ... are currently or potentially involved in public or private dispute

resolution, whether in…


Business                                         Labor                                 Government                         Human Resources                       Health Care                      Education Systems

Hospitality / Travel                      Aviation Industry             Places of Worship      

Law                                                  Human Services              Law Enforcement  

Social Services                              Real Estate                        Community Development Banking & Finance                       Retail Sales                       Sports & Entertainment     Contracting                                   Securities                          Public Administration

Construction                                 Military                              Insurance Agencies         Workers Compensation             Customer Service 












Mediation Training



  ... or if you have any other desire to improve interpersonal problem-solving skills on a professional or personal level.

  Plus...  You can achieve Certification as a County Court Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court!