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        Welcome to Empowering Solutions (c) ,  

encompassing alternative methods which empower YOU toward achieving the direction you desire in your life.  


                 At times when conflict arises, there is often the impression of an obstacle standing in the way of your goals, like a closed door, preventng you from moving forward.  Empowering Solutions (c) offers various means of access, or keys, for you to remove that obstacle and open that door to get you back onto the path toward achieving your desires.    













If you are involved in a dispute, whether in litigation or proactively, before litigation occurs, the use of our Mediation Services may hold the key for you to move forward.  Mediation can assist you and the other party (or parties) in resolving your dispute(s) in a timely, less expensive, more productive and overall, more efficient manner.

It is often said that "Knowledge is Power."   Accordingly, another aspect of Empowering Solutions is training, education, and professional Continuing Education, through its Certified Mediator Training  and Continuing Mediator Education Programs; as well as  ....

If you and your spouse have found that your marriage has come to its end,

A Peaceful Divorce (c) can help you open to a transition that is not only peaceful, but possibly even harmonious, creating a far more positive effect on you, your children, your families, friends and your extended environment.

 . . . tailor-made Speaking Presentations and Customized Training Programs designed specifically to suit the needs of an organization desiring to empower or inspire its employees, members, or attendees, through keynotes, trainings or workshops that leave lasting impressions through positive, thought-provoking and engaging presentations.  

Toby Isaacson...

         Empowering Solutions (c) has been founded by Toby to encompass the common theme of the programs and services provided throughout her career.  Recognizing the importance of supporting, educating and offering to each consumer the option to engage in programs which involve them in determining and designing the direction of their lives through the concepts of self-empowerment and self-determination, Empowering Solutions (c) provides a variety of methods for each individual or organization to engage in that are designed to offer those means.   


          A Peaceful Divorce (c) is an alternative program specifically designed to empower individuals who feel it is time to bring their marriage to a close to be able to do so in a way that will work for them, giving them an opportunity for a transition that is peaceful and productive (rather than destructive) for themselves and significant others such as children and family members.  Through A Peaceful Divorce (c), they are involved in creating the framework to accomplish those goals.  In addition to engaging the couple in the mediation process, A Peaceful Divorce (c) will assist them in completing and providing many of the documents that the court will require in order to grant them their divorce.  A Peaceful Divorce (c) is designed to provide the individuals using it lower legal costs, as well as lower costs to their time, stress, relationships, and expenditure of personal energy.    A Peaceful Divorce (c) is created to assist them in creating peace of mind.


         Both, Empowering Solutions (c) and A Peaceful Divorce (c) are conceived and founded by Toby Isaacson in the belief that the individuals involved in a dispute are often the individuals who hold the key to resolving it, particularly when given the support, understanding, and facilitative skills to achieving that resolution.  


          Toby is a solo practitioner who devotes 100% of her professional practice to implementing and inspiring others toward the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution and through mind-opening Classes and Presentations.   More than twenty years of immersion in this work has culminated in her founding "Empowering Solutions" (c), a concept which encompases a full array of uniquely personalized services for businesses and individuals including: Mediation, Mediation Training and Education, "A Peaceful Divorce" (c) family mediation program, and customized seminars, workshops, and keynote addresses covering key aspects applicable to both our personal and professional environments such as Communication Skills, Diversity programs, Negotiations, and Risk Management; as well as Envisioning our Futures and Creating Our Outcomes.   Ms. Isaacson holds a Juris Doctorate as well as a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Human Resource Management with emphasis in Labor Relations and a minor in Psychology.  She has worked and studied with national and international organizations including the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service; the House of Commons, Parliament, Canada; the International Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France; and at the United Nations in New York City.  Toby has many years of experience in the resolution of conflicts in employee/labor relations, including contract negotiations, grievances, arbitrations, EEO compliance, and progressive disciplinary programs as well as in a variety of matters related to general business, debt issues, family, community, and other relationship matters.  As a Federal and Certified Civil, Family and County Mediator, Toby serves as mediator in a wide range of dispute resolution matters assisting families, businesses, government agencies and communities.


        As an educator, Ms. Isaacson has served as adjunct faculty at Stetson University College of Law for more than ten years, and previously at St. Petersburg College and local business colleges.   She is also a professional seminar leader and trainer whose audiences have included labor, management, government employees, students, associations, healthcare, religious and community organizations.  She travels extensively to provide training in Labor and Employment topics including Title VII (ADA, ADEA and EEO) discrimination issues, employment, discharge, disciplinary processes, and effective conflict resolution in the workplace, family, and community.


        Previously, Ms. Isaacson maintained an independent appellate practice and federal bankruptcy practice. 

Prior to opening her own practice in 1990, Ms. Isaacson was Staff Attorney to The Honorable Jack R. Schoonover at the State of Florida Court of Appeals, Second District.


        Along with her credentials as a Federal Court and Certified Circuit Civil, Family, County, Dependency and Appellate Court Mediator, Ms. Isaacson’s credentials as a Neutral include the following:  She is Certificated in Advanced Transformative Mediation Skills, in Negotiating & Mediating Employment Disputes, in the Cornell / Alliance Employment Arbitrator Training Program, in the State of Florida Hurricane Mediations and Florida Residential Foreclosure Mediation programs, in Cultural & Gender Issues in Mediation, and in the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service’s Labor Arbitrator Program, as well as the Florida Court-appointed arbitration program.  Her memberships have included:  The American (and local) Bar Associations Sections on Dispute Resolution, Labor and Employment, and International Dispute Resolution; The Florida Academy of Professional Mediators; the Labor and Employee Relations Association; and the international Association for Conflict Resolution.


        Toby is also a Primary Trainer, approved by the  Florida Supreme Court, for conducting Certified Circuit Civil (40-hour training) and Certified County (20-hour training) Court Mediation training programs.  


         She has served as speaker, seminar leader, and workshop leader on numerous faculties in conferences throughout the country.


Ms. Isaacson is available throughout the United States and Internationally.


Toby Isaacson, JD, BBA

Mediator / Educator / Speaker / Consultant

Federal Mediator and Certified Circuit Civil, Family, County, Dependency and Appellate Court  Mediator

Florida Supreme Court Approved Certified Mediation Training Provider

Conference Keynote Speaker, Custom Trainer & Presenter


P O Box 20555 - St. Petersburg, FL 33742


Tel:   413-862-9669  / 413- TOBY NOW