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 "A Peaceful Divorce"(c)   ...


          ...An innovative and more comfortable method for couples seeking a divorce...



















         "A Peaceful Divorce" (c) is an inexpensive, time-efficient and, for most people, a personally energy-efficient 

program designed as "pre-suit mediation."  This means that rather than filing any lawsuit for divorce, the spouses meet with a mediator who assists them in creating a Marital Settlement Agreement.  


      Additionally, in "A Peaceful Divorce" (c), the mediator assists the couple in preparing the other usually-necessary court papers (pleadings, financial affidavits and child support documentation, if required) so that they can then proceed to court without the necessity of retaining lawyers.  Once the divorce papers are filed, the case is usually completed within 45 days.


          This program is very helpful to those who are interested in not spending increasing amounts of money on legal fees and who are willing to be reasonable with each other and do not want their case to drag on for a long time.  It can be particularly helpful to those with children and other family members who desire peaceful, ongoing relationships even after the divorce has taken place.


          The fee for this program is $750.00 per individual, or a total of $1,500.00 per couple; far less than the usual retainer fee which is required by most lawfirms just to begin individual divorce litigation representation.

The fee for "A Peaceful Divorce" (c) includes 3 hours of mediation services, document worksheets, instructions and review, preparation of the marital settlement agreement and preparation of the usual divorce papers needed to proceed through court.  If "A Peaceful Divorce"  appeals to you, you and your spouse are invited to call to set up a free 30-minute appointment to learn more.